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Recording different voices and having fun :-)

Another two videos…

This time, I’m using the videos I recorded for the Lion King and the Dark Knight. In a way, theses are two of my “darker” voice videos, as they explore the more villainous characters.



Last poem and more videos to come!

Two more (Fiverr) voices

As with my previous post, these two videos are slightly older (before this website was made); I very much enjoyed making them, though, and I hope you find them just as fun!

Daffy Duck (Looney Tunes)

Frozone (Incredibles)

New/old voiceover – Bartok!

My brother and I found this while exploring the new video voices I recorded. I was attempting to build a profile on Fiverr, a voiceover site, and chose Bartok from DreamWorks’ Anastasia movie (he was one of my first great imitations, and a lot of fun too!). I’ll upload more when I’m able; until then, enjoy!

Videos update!

Great news! Editing on five more voice-over videos has been completed; they are uploaded to YouTube now!

In alphabetical order, I present:

1. The Count (Sesame Street)

2. The Crows (Walt Disney’s Dumbo)

3. Frank the Pug (Men in Black)

4. Spock (Leonard Nimoy)

and perhaps the most iconic character of all:
5. Yoda (Frank Oz)

More videos on the way!

Announcement – I have recorded some more voice-over videos, and once the audio and video are edited, I will be posting them ASAP! Those who have been patiently waiting, expecting results – your perseverance will soon pay off 🙂