When I first began to write…

“An Unbeliever’s Rejection of the Call of God” (#1)

Do you think I hear your call?
I don’t care; not at all.
Why is your race the only one I can run?
I won’t do it, God-that way is no fun.
I’ll take the wild life-drugs, alcohol, and sex;
I don’t care if it’s bad-it makes me feel the best.
To me, eternity doesn’t matter, my destiny and how
I brought it on myself-I want the here and now.
Maybe I’ll answer you later-I’ll consider your tears,
But not until I’ve had my way for many, many years.

I first wrote this poem in 2004, during my junior year of high school. Originally, it was a prospective entry for a collection of student poems, but turned into the beginning of a passionate pursuit that would continue until the end of my college career. The rhyming wasn’t always the greatest, but I always looked for the wider message it spoke.

In this poem, I thought of why people (historically and in the present) choose to turn away from God. The Bible often speaks of the pursuit of worldly pleasures drawing the mind and heart into darkness, and far too often people tragically miss the opportunity to escape the trap because they think they have more time to do as they wish.