College poem #16

In this poem, I compare God’s will to our own desires. Sometimes, the truth can seem like sour medicine, yet it is so much better for us than the sweet poison that sin offers.

“Sour Medicine and Sweet Poison”

Lord, how hard it is when we feel that with us You are being unfair.
When You tell us “no”, we are sometimes drawn into believing the lie that You don’t care.
You love us, Lord, as our Heavenly Father, which means that when You say “no,”
It is for a good reason-although we may not understand why, we can be assured that what is best, You know.
However, sometimes, instead of accepting this, we find it easier to Satan give in,
Allowing him to enter our lives and fill us up with sin.
It tastes good for a while, and seems to take away the pain.
But in the end, all the enjoyment is in vain,
Because sin robs us of that which only You can give-
Peace, forgiveness, and the chance to abundantly live.
So, although it is sour, help us to accept when You tell us something not to do,
and let us not fall into temptation, but instead keep our eyes on You.