College poem #37 (last one!)

This poem, I think, is themed rather well. I wrote it towards the end of my final college semester in 2009; while contemplating the path(s) lying beyond graduation, God spoke to me saying “Daniel, one part is over, but another is just beginning; it’s all part of the same journey we began years ago.” I continue to pray this as I continue moving forward in my walk with God, and I pray that you are blessed as you read.

“The Continuing Journey”

Lord, I now stand at the crossroads again,
Wondering which way to go.
I pray, Holy Spirit, that my Guide and Helper You will be,
Showing me what I need to know.
I trust in Your plans for me, O God,
Even if right now I don’t see
What lies just ahead around the next bend
Of what life will now be.
May my life give You glory as I go on the way,
Growing closer to You as together we go.
Lord Jesus, forge me into an instrument of peace,
One that will bear abundant fruit as You sow.
Life is a journey; only You know where it ends,
And how the path will rise, fall, twist, and turn.
I thank You that You are with me always;
May my soul for You forever yearn.