Poem # 6 (kudos to Leah) :-)

The credit for this poem really goes to my sister Leah. She came to me with the first three lines, asking if it might be something I could use. After careful (and prayerful) pondering, I finished what she began.

“A Chance to meet Jesus” (#6)
If one day you came walking
Towards me down the street,
Would I recognize you?
Or would I miss a chance to meet
The greatest of all friends,
Savior of my soul;
You, who made me who I am,
And the One who makes me whole.
How I pray that would not be;
The slight possibility I’d miss
A chance to see the author
And finisher of eternal bliss.
No matter how many movie stars,
Or millionaires there may be,
No one else can take the place
Of Jesus Christ in me.
So pray, my friend, that you, likewise
Would not fail to meet Him; contemplate
How little time there is to accept Him as Lord and Savior
Before it is too late.