College Poem #3

I envisioned two different types of people who are separated from society – those who are shunned by others (people who “are cast out”), and those who choose to shun others (people who “cast themselves out”). Isolation is the opposite of what God intended for us; therefore, we as Christians need to be reaching out to both “outcasts.”

“Two Outcasts”

The most commonly seen outcasts today are people whom others reject
Based upon a character trait or habit, or the inability to make their own image reflect.
Outcasts more often than not assemble in groups to gather comfort from each other.
Since they are separated from the world’s “normal” people, every outcast becomes a brother.
But there is another, less-frequently seen outcast, those who distance themselves from everyone.
They are isolated because they choose to be; they walk alone under the light of the sun.
Both outcasts can be saved by the grace of God, made possible by the sacrifice of the Lamb upon the hill
Of Calvary-but if Christ’s children do not reach out to those who need Him, then who will?
We have been told many times before that it is better to give than to get.
So, after receiving His everlasting grace, how can we the others who need Him forget?
So pray that God would give you a heart like His own, and reach out in love that goes deeper than flesh and bone.

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