Poem #26

This poem was inspired by Jesus’ words about separating the sheep from the goats, as God will divide people on the Day of Judgment. C.S. Lewis used a similar image in The Last Battle, the book that concluded his Chronicles of Narnia series.

“To the Left and Right” (#26)

On the last day, when all are gathered to God’s white judgment throne,
We will be judged by the life we lived and whether it was founded on the Chief Capstone.
Into two groups we will be divided-there will be no middle ground.
There will be those who were used in God’s work and those who aided the attempt to put it down.
On the right will be His followers-those who dedicated their lives to His cause,
And allowed the Holy Spirit to use them, even if it meant disobeying secular laws.
To the left will be those who rejected Him-the ones who chose not to follow His Son.
Even if they were to attempt to accept the truth now, the decision regarding their fate would be done.
Those on the right will enter into Heaven, while those on the left will be forced to depart
Into eternal separation from God-ask yourself, after death, in which group will you have a part?
If the Holy Spirit is imploring you to accept salvation on this date today, please accept it, before it is too late.