College poem #17

In a way, this poem draws on similar thoughts to those spoken by Corrie Ten Boom: “Look around at the world, and you’ll become distressed; look down at yourself, and you’ll become depressed; but look up to God, and you’ll find rest.”

“What we are and are not”

Lord, how often do we judge the state of our hearts and thought
By looking at others and assuring ourselves by saying “That is what I am not.”
And yet, we miss a life-saving truth by not recognizing what we are.
We cannot see that we are lost in sin, and from You are so away far.
But if we open our eyes, and realize just how we naturally stand before You,
Once we see our sin, the cleansing can begin and our spirits You can renew.
Then we may stand complete and whole, made clean by the power of Your blood,
Ready for the purpose You created us for, to be sent out like water in a flood
To all those who are still enslaved in sin. We show by our actions how we have died
And been changed by Your precious blood, and that all who come to Him can be purified.
So open our eyes, Lord, that we may see You
And be transformed as our minds You renew.