College poem #18

“Times of Weakness, Times of Strength”

Lord, so often do I find myself in situations where I am weak,
And in my pride, I turn aside from Your command to be humble and meek.
I try to fight back with my own mortal strength, but the truth is, I really have none.
So when I fail, and fall into sin, I look back with regret upon what I have done.
Then I remember what is written in Your Word, that You are the strength of those who follow
And obey Your commands-they are filled with Your power, unlike sinners, whose sin leaves them empty and hollow.
When I am closest to You is when I am strong; with You as my light and my guide
Whatever path I walk is never wrong,
Because in You does my strength abide.
This now is my prayer, O Lord my God: when I am weak, may I be in You strong.
May my life be filled with praise for You, in strength and weakness, lauding you in song.