College poem #20

Initially, this poem was inspired by words from the opening verse of Russ Taff’s song, “We Will Stand.” They tie in rather well with Luke 9:50; Jesus tells the disciples that anyone who is not against Him is for Him – meaning that, no matter where you are from, if you live for God and obey His word, you are accepted by Him – human details don’t figure into the equation.

“The Family of God”

Lord, all who follow and worship You in spirit and truth are members of Your family.
Brothers and sisters, daughters and sons, who together to You bow the knee.
We are more, however, than individual children; we are siblings not only of Christ but also in.
So we should act as caring siblings should, and lovingly confront each other when we fall into sin.
But of course, our mission on Earth goes far beyond encouraging the members of Christ to be pure and right.
Our calling is to carry the Good News of our Lord to those who stumble in darkness without spiritual sight.
As Your children, we should walk as You did, and read Your Word to more closely follow Your steps
As we walk in the world through which we are passing and strive against the urge to abandon Your precepts.
Lord, I can only stumble and fall in any attempt to walk this path without You.
Lord, in Your Word and in fellowship with my spiritual brethren, You show me the way that is right and true.
I pray in Your name, that is above all others, that Your Spirit would fall afresh upon me
And empower me to put aside fear, open my heart, and confess my true needs unto Thee.
May I always be open with my brothers and sisters in Christ as I walk through life every day,
And that my heart would desire to follow You forever, even unto death-all these things, do I pray.