College poem #21

In this poem, I examine the difference between life before Jesus enters in and afterward.

“From Death to Life”

Lord, how easy it is to fool myself with the thoughts running through my head.
Yet, Your truth shines through all the lies-without You in my life, I am dead.
I can try and attempt to live on my own, and fill my life with other things.
But nothing in the world can take the place of You and the peace that Your presence brings.
Light a fire in my heart again, Lord Jesus, that I may follow You.
It is my desire to get a fresh start and begin my Christian walk anew.
I no longer wish to rebel against You or fool myself into thinking I am right.
May I stand before You cleansed and made pure by Your holy and healing light.
May I follow You faithfully, living in the world but not weighed down by strife.
May I always remember how You paid the price so that I could pass from death into life.