College poem #22

I noted early on that we as humans seem to have selective hearing – before we coined the term, we used to say, “hearing only what suited us.” The basic idea is focusing only on what is of interest to us; big trouble occurs when we apply this spiritually.

“Spiritual Selective Hearing”

Lord, how much do You desire to speak words of truth unto my heart
And yet so often I follow my own desires and from Your ways depart.
I put my fingers into my ears and block out the words of warning Your Spirit does speak;
Later, I rue my choice and wonder “Why is it I am so weak?”
It is because You are the strength of my life if I claim to follow after You.
If the desire of my heart is to be free from sin, then I must allow the Holy Spirit to my heart renew.
How I pray, Lord, that it would never come to pass, that, in my life, this would never be:
That my heart becomes deaf and blind to Your truth and be doomed to separation eternally.
May I ever desire to follow after You and be alive through the resurrection of Your Son.
I thank and praise You for the work of the cross, and for the work that in me has begun.
May my ears be open for Your Word, O Lord;
May Your heart and mine move with one accord.