Star Wars – Frankenstein?

A familiar scene from Star Wars just took on a whole new layer of meaning. I’ve previously compared Anakin Skywalker to Oedipus (causing tragedy and loss because of the very actions he took to prevent it), but a more recent classic is also well represented.

After some time considering/remembering Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, I was struck with a sudden recognition; both Plagueis and Frankenstein are obsessed with overcoming death. They each pursue it scientifically (Plagueis’ quest is a bit different, admittedly), and to a degree they both succeed.

What was even deeper for me, though, is that Anakin is, to a degree, emblematic of the man Victor Frankenstein was in the beginning. His mother’s death shaped his choices, and despite learning the darkness of the path he would have to take, Anakin puts his goal above any moral code that would forbid the method of learning the secret.

Even after considering what abominations he will have to commit to accomplish his goal, Anakin (like Frankenstein) embraces the dark path and eventually becomes the “monster” himself.

Or, on second thought, Palpatine/Sidious is Frankenstein and Anakin is his “monster.” The writers of the Expanded/Legends Universe have explored that angle as well…