College poem #23

Busyness strikes again this week; at my teaching job, it’s test week for many of my students. Before I lay head to pillow, however, I am determined to post 2 more poems. Here is the first; it was written after a period in my life when I had just come out of a very (spiritually) dry time, and I hungered to have GOD’s Word flow into my life again.

“Longing for the Word of the Lord”

Lord, once Your Word rang in my heart like the sweet song of a lark.
Now, however, I have left Your Word out and I have fallen into the dark.
Without the nourishing words of Scripture, my heart has become a dry husk.
I pray, Lord, that You would heal me and bring me back-not leave me in the dusk.
I implore You, in the name of Jesus, to give me a thirst for the righteousness that comes from You alone.
May Your Word once again take its place in my life and fill me-spirit, mind, flesh and bone.
Draw me back to You, O Lord of my life, come and light the fire once again in me.
I pray that You would be the food and drink that give me life and sight spiritually.