College poem #24

This poem follows on the theme of the first, but additionally examines the lifelong journey of purification.

“A Broken Vessel Made New”

Lord, when all You created was shattered in the Fall,
Who knew that You would have a plan to reclaim and restore it all?
I was a broken vessel, infected by the virus of sin,
Yet You shed Your blood willingly to cleanse me from all I had been.
You took the broken shards of my heart and softened me like a potter’s clay,
Making me a new creation with Your blood that You shed on the cross, that I might say
That in You, Jesus Christ, have I begun life anew. The process, however, has only begun;
Sin still battles the change You forge to make me of God a son.
But Lord, Your Word is my weapon and Your mighty presence my shield.
You never allow more than I can take, and so unto You I yield.
I pray that I would abide in Your Word, so that more deeply in You I may grow.
May Your Spirit be poured out on me, so that in my life, praises for You would grow.