College Poem #25

As the title implies, this poem was partially based off of Jesus’ prayer in the Garden before His betrayal and arrest. The other contributing factor was a time of introspection in which I examined my heart and walk with God.

“Your Will Be Done”

Lord, how often I say to You “Work in me,” – but then I turn and go my own way?
Do I really allow You to begin a new work of faith as I go through the day?
I need to let go of my own desires, to see the bigger picture of it all.
You should be the focus and center of my life, with me faithfully following Your call.
I pray to You, Lord, may Your will be done, as You prayed in the garden of Gethsemane.
May I take the blessings and gifts from You and make praises for You many.
Help to keep my head in the game, may my eye be ever on the goal:
To glorify You in action, word, and thought, to love You with my strength, body, mind, and soul.