College poem #26

I wrote this after my spiritual “dry spell;” I thought of Israel’s revival as foretold in Ezekiel 37 and thought it an appropriate analogy of how Jesus took us from death to life.

“Returning to the Lord”

Lord, lately I have been desolate, my faith has grown withered and dry,
Like the bones You showed Ezekiel in the valley, and I think I know the reason why:
I have neglected prayer and reading Your Word, which contains the life You desire to give.
Without Your Holy Spirit, I am dead; You are that which enables me to live.
I pray that my heart would be drawn back to You, and that You would fill me abundantly
With Your Holy Spirit, that I might live and be a witness for You, my God holy.
Give me the strength to be a living sacrifice, offering up my whole being, spirit, flesh, and bone;
Use me in mighty ways for Your kingdom, Lord Jesus, and may I always humbly bow before Your throne.
May my steps follow Yours, as You show me the way to live rightly according to Your desire.
I pray that I would always honor and glorify You, and may my faith be as pure gold refined in a fire.