College poem #29

Admittedly, my view about the Holy Spirit has changed somewhat, but the rest still very much applies as it did the day I wrote this. So often, I have lost spiritual battles because I refused to fight; it seems so much easier to give in, and yet by doing so we sacrifice victory in Christ, who can give us victory in all things.

“Passionately Devoted”

Lord, when I think of the way that I live, I am often filled with shame
When I consider how many other things I do instead of praising Your holy name.
I know the things that I ought to do, but I choose to do them not.
I know that I should call upon You for strength, but fail to act when the battle is to be fought.
Cleanse me from impure thoughts, O God; fill me afresh with the Holy Ghost,
So that I may serve You with passion as I serve You with my all, not just almost.
I have stumbled and lost my way, like a sheep wandering from the fold.
Bring me back to Your presence, Lord; may Your light in my life be as bright as pure gold.