College poem #28

Some people think that just because God is so vast and eternal, that we cannot possibly know Him. While it’s true that God’s divine nature will always be a mystery to us, He has taken steps to make Himself knowable to us through Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

“Above all, but in reach”

God, the world around us shows how great and awesome You are.
You made everything-all that lives; You gave a place to each and every star.
Your ways are beyond our understanding, how You think and choose what is to be done.
Yet You chose to meet with us through the sacrifice of Your Son.
You made a way for all to come near to the foot of Your heavenly throne.
You sent Jesus to die on the cross, so that sin and death would be overthrown.
Thank You, Father, for Your wonderful ways, and Your miraculous grace and love, constantly new.
You are above all, yet You dwell with us, and when all is done, we will forever dwell with You.