College poem #31

“Fulfillment is of the Lord”

Lord, how true is Your Word that sin’s pleasure only lasts for a season;
After the buzz, it leaves me feeling drained and hollow, and here is the reason:
Nothing of this world can truly satisfy the crucial need we have in our innermost parts.
Only You can enter our lives and make us whole, bringing restoration to our souls, minds, and hearts.
If we allow You to enter our lives, a journey we could not imagine begins.
In You we have the promise of life everlasting, as well as freedom from our sins.
Open the eyes of our hearts, O God, that we may see the truth and desire
To dwell and fellowship with You in this life and forevermore, and pray that Your Holy Spirit light in us a fire
To follow and obey Your perfect will, to seek after those who are lost.
May we ever seek to honor and obey Your commands, to follow You, no matter what the cost.