College poem #32

“God’s Business, My Pleasure”

Lord, You have a plan for this world, and You are fully able to see it through.
However, it is also Your desire for Your children to have a part in it, working alongside You.
Lord, I pray that You would use me mightily to bring Your kingdom on Earth,
Preaching the message of the Cross, showing the lost the way to Jesus and spiritual rebirth.
But I also pray that I would be diligent and obedient in the small things first,
Such as prayer, fellowship and daily reading Your Word-to tire of and ignore them would be the worst.
Teach me to follow You closer in deed, word, and thought,
That to the lost I might reach out in Your love, as I ought.
Lord, may I live my life looking with great anticipation
To the day when You will call Your children home from every nation.
When You look at me, may it be with a smile brighter than the sun
As You say, “Good and faithful servant, well done.”