College poem #35

“A Prisoner of Passion”

In my mind, I find myself asking “What kind of life do I truly desire?”
Jesus is the rightful ruler of my existence, yet I long for sensations that fill my veins with fire.
I am called to a life of purity and service to my Lord, yet in sin’s pleasures do I bask.
I am bound and enslaved, a prisoner of passion, and so for strength and deliverance I do ask.
I cry out “Father, free me from the garbage in my life that keeps me from being the man You desire;
Give me the strength to turn away from sin, and quench its passion-filled fire!
Break the endless cycle of failing battle that consumes and cripples me with strife,
And bring Your glorious victory over sin and death into my life.
When You enter in and cleanse my heart, evil and sin disappear like a mist.
Your Word is bread and living water for my spirit; only through You I truly live and exist.
Give me a heart that is willing to learn how to follow all of Your ways;
Change my mind and heart to reflect Your own, so that nothing of sin stays.
Teach me how to properly obey Your commands as I follow You, away from my captivity.
May I praise You for all the things You have done, and in my life to You be all the glory.
May You, Lord Jesus, always be my first love and passion,
Because You showed me, a sinner, Your love and compassion.”