College poem #27

As I read back over this poem so many years later, I can’t help but think of Keith Green’s song, “When I hear the praises start.” It’s not exactly the same theme, but God’s desire for us to live and seek fulfillment from Him holds true to both.

“God’s Plan for my Story”

Oh My child, how I long to work in you, and give you an amazing life story
As you seek Me out and do My will, living your life for My glory.
Yet, sometimes you choose to walk away, and allow the world to define your identity,
Thus choosing for yourself a lesser life than what was planned for you by Me.
Come back to Me, o wandering child, turn about and come back to your Creator;
Who knows you better than anyone, from your outermost layer to the core.
I love you, My child, and long to bless you, but first, you must submit your life to Me.
Let Me shape your future, refine your identity, and bring out your best for all to see.
Your choices define who you are, and what effect you will leave on the lives of others.
So let My plan be done through your life, and reach out through Christ to your lost sisters and brothers.