College poem #33

“The Mirror and the Glass Window”

When I think about God’s light and how we are called His love to spread,
It makes me wonder how we live our lives, from our waking to when we go to bed.
Do we let His light shine through us, like an empty space, leaving no trace of its touch?
Do we merely reflect it like a mirror, never absorbing, though “giving” much?
In reality, we are like windows of stained glass, created to magnify God and show the glory of His light,
Reliant upon Him to fill us with His Spirit, that we may for Him shine bright.
It is the Lord who brings light into our lives, and gives diversity and color to our human existence.
As citizens of His kingdom, we should allow Him to shine in and through us without resistance.
Lord, I pray that we would always desire to remain close to You,
That Your light in our lives will be a testimony that our faith is true.